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Financial services must meet stringent requirements

As a financial service provider, your employees and customers access your services on a daily basis through multiple channels and devices. All your operations are bound by strict business requirements for privacy, security, service availability and regulation compliance, and it is these factors that drive your IT investments and the business applications you adopt. As data centers and financial services migrate to the cloud, these requirements become more important than ever.

Service availability is a prerequisite for customer trust

Service availability is paramount not only for round-the-clock operations, but also for customer loyalty and trust. Transactions interrupted due to lack of responsiveness or unplanned downtime and manual intervention are detrimental to your business. Furthermore, the ability to assure low-latency transactions has a direct impact on revenue and customer satisfaction. Execution delays in online transactions are costly to you and your customers.

Service security against hackers and criminals is essential

Service security must ensure that your data centers are not compromised by hackers and criminals taking advantage of Internet access to gain entry to private information and transaction systems. That’s why as a precautionary measure, branch offices are often not connected directly to the Internet, but routed through the enterprise WAN to a main office. But this is not enough. Real-time visibility and threat detection on Internet and WAN access is essential to properly protect your business.

Compliance to regulatory standards is mandatory

As a financial service provider, all your operations and services must meet regulatory standards, irrespective of the location or device being used to access information.

We provide solutions for cloud-based financial services

Our Cloud Access Optimization solutions ensure the availability, performance and security of your cloud applications, as well as the Quality of Service (QoS) that each of your users expects. This provision of fast, secure, and highly-available access to services increases customer satisfaction and trust.

Our Cloud Access Optimization solutions enable you to: