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Allot Secure Service Gateway NMS Virtual Edition
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Allot Secure Service Gateway NMS Virtual Edition

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Allot Secure Service Gateway NMS Virtual Edition
Secure Service Gateway NMS Virtual Edition
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Central Management, Reporting and Analytics for Allot Secure Service Gateway (SSG) platforms

Allot Secure Service Gateway Network Management System (SSG NMS) provides a central vantage point for management and configuration of Allot SSG platforms, and a powerful control center for network-wide visibility, security and control of application performance and user quality of experience.

Feature Highlights

  • Complete traffic and security event visibility
  • Valuable network intelligence on applications, users, web threats, shadow IT, DDoS attacks, bot traffic
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting dashboards
  • Customizable usage and event analytics dashboards
  • Easy drill-down to the most granular traffic and threat data
  • Simple policy toolkit for mapping QoS, steering, mitigation, and filtering policies to complex data center and cloud traffic
  • Central software configuration and maintenance with automatic propagation to multiple platforms


360° Visibility of Network Traffic

Allot SSG Network Management System gives you a bird’s eye view of all the traffic on your network and the ability to control it. Reporting dashboards help you understand how LAN, WAN, Internet and datacenter resources are being utilized by applications, users and connected devices. Powerful policy enforcement helps you leverage that intelligence to assure application performance, quality of experience, and network security according to your business priorities.

Network Analytics to Understand Usage and Behavior

Allot’s reporting and analytics dashboards turn your network data into meaningful information for your organization. Real-time monitoring, usage metrics , QoE and online behavior dashboards help you visualize application, user and endpoint traffic, analyze their impact on network performance, and troubleshoot issues rapidly. Dashboard reports are interrelated and interactive. Drilling down or changing the data fields of one report, instantly updates and refreshes the display of the other reports in the dashboard. It’s easy to customize dashboard views, so the data you want is always at your fingertips. To share reports with others in your organization, you can schedule reports for automatic generation and distribution in Excel, HTML and CVS formats.

Web Threat Management to Protect Your Users

The Web Security interface in Allot SSG Network Management System makes it easy to provision and enforce the Internet Security and Acceptable User Policy (AUP) that is right for your organization. User-friendly reports provide detail and summary statistics on all malware blocking events, frequently accessed content, URL filtering events triggered by your AUP, and other relevant statistics that may be presented per IP address, user, group, or other identifier. With Allot, valuable threat-event data stays within your organization, avoiding the security risks that are inherent in cloud-based solutions.

Central Configuration and Control

DDoS Attack Management to Protect Your Network

Allot SSG Network Management System automates DDoS threat protection across your entire network as attack alerts, mitigation reports, and post-attack intelligence help you take control. Realtime alerts notify you when an attack is detected, detailing the type of attack, the attack signature that was created to surgically block attack packets, and the time it took to mitigate the attack. You also get granular and customizable mitigation logs, event analytics, and host infection analytics, as well as trend/ distribution reports to support your security planning, threat management and operational decisions. Option for monitoring only with manual mitigation is also available.

Powerful Policy Control

Allot’s Enforcement Policy Editor allows you to define traffic management policies that link network and application performance to business goals and user expectations. An intuitive, hierarchical framework makes it easy to define dynamic QoS enforcement policies that will be triggered automatically as traffic conditions change. Enforcement policy may include any combination of access, priority, bandwidth allocation, shaping, steering, and blocking actions to be applied to application and subscriber traffic. Additionally, rich Command Line Interface (CLI) and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) interfaces allow external systems to provision policies and distribute them to all managed elements.

One-Stop Configuration

Allot SSG Network Management System is accessible to multiple concurrent clients and designed to manage widely dispersed network infrastructure. You get:

  • Central control of network-wide setup, configuration and health monitoring of Allot SSG platforms
  • Ability to scale up and out to manage distributed, multi-site deployment, and to process Gigabytes (GB) of monitoring data from Allot SSG platforms
  • Automated propagation of policy updates and alarms to all platforms, with on-demand audit log
  • Full admin and user identity management and authentication


Allot SSG NMS Virtual Edition

The virtual edition sizing information shown in the table below supports up to 20,000 users and 2 active Allot Secure Service Gateway platforms (or 4 platforms in Active-Active redundancy mode).

Management Function vCPU (Intel x86 threads) RAM (GB) DISK (GB) vNICs Comments
Policy and Configuration (NX) 6 6 300 1 network adapter
Data Mediation (DM) 12 32 300 1 network adapter
Network Metrics (CS) 10 32 1400 4 network adapters Virtual edition sizing supports the same data retention capacity as Allot SSG NMS appliance. Different data retention policy may require different disk capacity.
User Awareness Interface (SMP) 6 6 250 Per network environment
Web Security (WSP) 8 12 310 N/A
DDoS Protection (SPC) 8 16 300 N/A


Pricing Subject to change without notice for reasons including, but not limited to, product discontinuation, product unavailability, manufacturer price changes and advertised price errors.
Allot Products
Allot Secure Service Gateway NMS Virtual Edition
Secure Service Gateway NMS Virtual Edition
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