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Allot MediaSwift E
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MediaSwift E

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Allot MediaSwift E is a comprehensive caching and content delivery platform for Internet video, peer-to-peer (P2P) and other applications. High-performance video caching enables you to relieve the burden of HTTP video and TV on your network while providing the best quality of experience (QoE) for your users. The platform supports popular video sites including YouTube, Dailymotion, HTTP downloads such as Mediafire, software updates, adaptive streaming, and the many OTT applications flooding your network.

Through transparent caching, Allot MediaSwift E delivers over-the-top video 4 to 10 times faster, saving operators up to 30% on core, transit and backhaul bandwidth required. Using an out-of-band deployment architecture, Allot MediaSwift E supports OTT video caching on 1GE and 10GE links and provides unlimited scalability with no single point of failure. The caching service is designed to complement any Content Delivery Network, paving the way for broadband operators to deploy QoE-based services and to become an indispensable link in the Internet video value chain.

Allot MediaSwift E helps you:

  • Dramatically improve customer quality of experience (QoE)
  • Reduce the Internet video load on your network
  • Save on network bandwidth
  • Monetize OTT video traffic through value-added video services


  • Improve customer Quality of Experience
  • Relieve Internet Video and P2P load on the network
  • Save network bandwidth
  • Monetize OTT video

Allot MediaSwift E maximizes Net Cache Out and a provides a hit ratio of more than 85% on OTT video requests
Allot MediaSwift E maximizes Net Cache Out and a provides a hit ratio of more than 85% on OTT video requests

Features and Benefits:

Over-the-top (OTT) video and P2P services are more popular than ever. Millions of people worldwide are downloading files and watching videos and TV programs online every day. Quality of experience is crucial. Users quickly become dissatisfied with stalled videos or repeated buffering. They expect an uninterrupted viewing experience similar to broadcast TV. Therefore, ensuring QoE is critical to the success of your broadband business.

Improve the Customer Experience

Allot MediaSwift E enables you to improve customer quality of experience while relieving the online video traffic load on your network. By delivering OTT video content from the nearest cache, Allot MediaSwift E offers users faster download times and a smoother viewing experience. Users can skip to any point in their chosen video clip with no risk of stalling.

Improved QoE leads to satisfied customers, reduced churn and a notable reduction in calls to support call centers. It can also help operators to attract new customers and to monetize the traffic they generate by offering them tiered service plans based on controllable QoE.

Controllable QoE

Accelerates performance and controls user quality of experience according to pre-defined access speeds set by the service provider.

Better Service Using Less Bandwidth

The high-performance cache provides ten times more output potential, delivering bandwidth heavy traffic while using only ten percent of the bandwidth normally consumed from expensive interconnect links. This bandwidth savings allows operators to defer the need for expensive upgrades and the deployment of additional equipment throughout the network (backbone, metro and access).

Carrier-Class Grid Architecture

The platform is designed for high-throughput capacity and delivery, with a highly efficient architecture that separates the control plane from the data plane. This separation allows flexible deployment of hierarchical caching grids managed by a smart controller whose function is easily virtualized. This system is highly robust and fully redundant, with no single point of failure.

Unlimited Scalability

Handles large amounts of data and supports growing numbers of subscribers. The system grows seamlessly with the operator's subscriber base and data volumes on the network. Single grid can grow to hundreds of servers without any content duplication.

Virtualized Caching

Allot MediaSwift E caching can be deployed as a virtualized function in the network, allowing the solution to scale out or in depending on the network congestion or other conditions. Virtualization of the cache control and management functions also allows more options for resiliency and redundancy of the solution.

Easy Installation

Integrates easily with existing network topologies and poses no risk to network reliability. The platform is simple to install and maintain, and requires no third party integration.

CDN Ready

Allot MediaSwift E allows service providers to play a central role in the emerging new revenue streams from digital media. Transparent caching is a major building block for content delivery solutions, offering assured quality of service for premium content and opening up a range of new monetization opportunities. For example, content providers and content delivery networks (CDN) can be charged for guaranteed service levels; users can be offered a range of premium packages; and personalized advertising can be incorporated into online content.

Features and Benefits at a Glance

Key Features Benefits
Over 90 percent hit-ratio performance
  • Over 10x more throughput available for user
  • Better network performance
  • Fast ROI
Cost-effective content delivery with guaranteed QoE
  • Superior quality of experience for the user
  • Marketing edge over competition, increasing customer loyalty and subscriber base
Distributed carrier class grid system
  • Robust, reliable system
  • Completely fail-safe with no single point of failure
  • Requires no additional network equipment
Scalable to hundreds of Gbps
  • Keeps pace with growth in users and traffic
  • Easy expansion by simply adding servers to the grid
Accelerated download with high priority for premium users
  • Guarantees QoE for superior video experience
  • Enables tiered services and increased ARPU
Controllable QoE in line with user pre-defined access speeds
  • Increases speed vs download time
Supports load balancing/redundancy from multiple cache nodes
  • Controls extreme demand and peak time pressures
  • Prevents network crashes
  • Serves local and regional area from local cache
Management and statistic tools
  • Enables service providers to configure subscriber download speeds
  • Supports new service and monetization opportunities
Blocks illegal content
  • Enables operator to comply with government regulations
  • Fully complies with US DMCA 512b and EU E-Commerce Directive
CDN ready
  • Open API facilitates smooth integration with operator CDN


Transparent Caching in Action

Out-of-band caching is transparent to the user and occurs in near real-time, as Allot MediaSwift E:

  1. Inspects all end-user media requests and monitors demand for media files
  2. Reroutes media requests to the control platform via standard routing practices
  3. Caches media requests according to network-wide popularity
  4. Delivers requested media from the local cache, on demand, with controlled QoE

MediaSwift E Deployment


Allot MediaSwift E Data Sheet (.PDF)


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