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Allot Subscriber Management Platform
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Allot Subscriber Management Platform

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Allot Subscriber Management Platform (SMP) enables service providers to build differentiated and profitable broadband services that deliver the quality of experience that each subscriber expects, while retaining control over network utilization.

The challenge for fixed, mobile, and converged service providers is to build a profitable broadband service that consistently delivers the Quality of Experience (QoE) that each subscriber expects, while retaining control over network utilization. Allot Subscriber Management Platform (SMP) helps service providers achieve this goal. The flexible service tiering, powerful policy control, and real-time charging provided by Allot SMP is the key to implementing competitive and profitable business models to personalize service offerings and maximize service revenues. Allot SMP also extends per-user management to large Enterprises who provide critical connectivity services to employees.

Managing Subscriber Visibility, Policy, Charging

Allot SMP provides the visibility, policy management, and real-time charging that is needed to accurately monitor, analyze, and meter subscriber data services. Real-time and long-term analytical reports provide insight on the usage patterns of individual subscribers, including the applications and devices they use and the volume of traffic they generate. Exporting these valuable statistics to other systems enables operators to further analyze subscriber behavior and to direct broadband resources toward more profitable revenue plans.

Allot SMP operates seamlessly with Allot Service Gateway platforms and Allot NetEnforcer devices to provide:

  • Turnkey Service Tiering and Quota Management (using Allot TierManager and QuotaManager)
  • Application-aware Policy Control & Charging (using Allot ChargeSmart)

With Allot SMP you can:

  • Understand how subscribers, applications and devices are using your network
  • Improve customer satisfaction through tiered and quota service plans that fit personal usage patterns
  • Deploy value-based charging plans to increase ARPU and offset network capex
  • Manage network cell congestion and subscriber QoE in the cell
  • Enforce subscriber service plans, QoS policy and charging schemes across all access networks



Allot SMP maps dynamically allocated IP addresses to assigned subscribers, allowing service providers and large enterprises to accurately monitor, analyze, and meter subscriber data services over multiple concurrent access types. It supports both IPv4, IPv6, and hybrid networks and can correlate multiple IP addresses per subscriber as needed.

Policy Control and Charging

Allot SMP employs standard 3GPP interfaces that empower Allot inline platforms to operate seamlessly in mobile and converged broadband networks as an intelligent Policy Control and Enforcement Function (PCEF) and/or Traffic Detection Function (TDF) nodes with integration to operator Policy and Charging Rule Function (PCRF), and Online and Offline Charging Systems (OCS/OFCS).

Service Tiering and Quota Management

Allot SMP can be configured to provide a standalone Policy Control and Enforcement solution with a rich service creation framework that facilitates the rapid deployment of tiered service plans based on personal Quality of Service (QoS) parameters, usage quotas, and overage policies that enforce how each subscriber's traffic is treated. In this configuration, Allot also supports other interfaces for integrating to existing non-3GPP based OSS/BSS functions.

Get a Clear Picture of Subscriber Usage
Understanding subscriber behavior is the first step to identifying ARPU opportunities and creating profitable service plans. Allot SMP provides real-time and long-term analytical reports detailing the usage patterns of individual subscribers, including the applications and devices they use and the volume of traffic they generate. In addition, a full set of Mobile Analytics show mobile operators how often data users access the service, how long they stay connected, their session signaling and average bit rate, the VoIP minutes they consume, and more. These vital statistics can be exported to other systems in the form of subscriber-, application-, and session-based Charging Data Records (CDR), enabling operators to analyze subscriber behavior and to direct broadband resources toward more profitable revenue plans.

Insightful Reporting

Subscriber monitoring reports are fully integrated in the reporting dashboard of Allot NetXplorer management system, helping service providers to:

  • Identify top applications and top users
  • Analyze application usage per subscriber
  • Create subscriber profiles based on usage patterns
  • Deploy personalized service plans for individuals and groups
  • Evaluate the performance of tiered and quota service plans
  • Monitor mobile cell utilization and manage subscriber traffic in congested cells
  • Troubleshoot customer problems quickly

Top cells in use
Top cells in use

Most active Subscribers
Most active Subscribers

Monetize with Value-based Policy Control and Charging
Monetizing the customer experience is the key to broadband service profitability. Allot ChargeSmart (a licensed component of Allot SMP) helps broadband operators implement innovative charging models that reflect the true value of their service to subscribers and content providers.

Allot ChargeSmart

Allot ChargeSmart enables real-time, pay-for-use charging based on the consumption of data and applications per volume and time. It integrates seamlessly in 3G and 4G mobile networks, where it orchestrates the value-based charging process using standard 3GPP interfaces:

  • Via Diameter Gx, Allot ChargeSmart communicates with PCRF systems in real time, managing and enforcing QoS policy and metering usage for mobile sessions and applications based on the subscriber service plan. Granular policies such as online portal redirection, application detection, and cell congestion management can also be managed by this interface.
  • Via Diameter Sd, Allot ChargeSmart communicates with PCRF systems in LTE and 3G networks to support advanced service detection and notification capabilities, and performs enforcement with TDF.
  • Via Diameter Gy, Allot ChargeSmart meters and conveys real-time usage data to OCS and manages the rating of applications and sessions. The Gy interface supports the most appealing use cases for usage-based charging, including out-of-credit session handling, top-up for prepaid, and dual metering such as metering time and volume for Video Streaming applications.
  • Via Gz, Allot ChargeSmart exports summary records to OFCS for data reconciliation and accounting needs. Operators also leverage this interface to support revenue sharing models involving Over-The-Top (OTT) content, and to facilitate efficient session-level monitoring offline.

Allot works actively within the 3GPP forum to introduce and standardize effective methods for dealing with Diameter signaling storms between network elements, which occur frequently and pose a serious challenge when activating complex use cases.

Real-time Metering per Session, per Application

Real-time volume and time metering may be implemented per session with the option to exclude or "zero-rate" individual or groups of applications so they are tracked but not charged.

Operators may also assign specific rates to specific applications and provision one or more of these individually rated applications in a subscriber's service plan. Individual rates can also be assigned to a category of applications such as P2P or streaming video. Per-application charging provides a wealth of opportunities for operators to create value-based service plans and pricing.

Personalize with Tiered Services and Quota Management
Allot TierManager and Allot QuotaManager (licensed components of Allot SMP) provide a complete, standalone service creation and policy management framework for the rapid deployment of tiered and quota services that allow consumers to choose the Internet experience that best suits their life-style and budget, while operators maintain control over network use.

Allot TierManager

Allot TierManager allows providers to define competitive, application-aware service plans with different QoS policies and Service-Level Agreements (SLA), and then assign individual subscribers to the plans. In mobile networks, cell-aware service plans can also be defined, enabling temporary QoS measures to be enforced within a cell when it is congested.

Allot QuotaManager

Allot QuotaManager allows providers to further differentiate their service offering by including usage allowances and overage policies in the service plan. Usage caps based on volume and time may be managed per subscriber and per application. Allot controls the metering and enforcement process for each subscriber and produces standard CDRs for mediation and/or billing systems. A full complement of reports give operators the tools to analyze overall quota usage as well as individual subscriber status and quota consumption.

When quota limits are reached, subscribers may be redirected to the operator service portal where they can view usage history, extend allowances, or upgrade their service plan. Allot QuotaManager also supports "turbo button" options that allow subscribers to accelerate upload/download speeds and boost an application's performance for a designated period of time.


Managing traditional mobile and fixed, as well as FMC converged networks
Managing traditional mobile and fixed, as well as FMC converged networks


Allot SMP operates in conjunction with Allot Service Gateway and Allot NetEnforcer in-line platforms to provide scalable, carrier-class solutions for optimizing and monetizing the user experience in mobile, fixed, converged, and large enterprise networks.

Allot SMP may be purchased in a standard server or a highavailability configuration. The High-Availability Platform (HAP) comprises a cluster of two SMP server appliances running in active/passive redundancy mode together with an external storage unit.

Up to 15 standard SMP appliances or high-availability configurations can be deployed in the network.

  Standard SMP Server High-Availability SMP Server
Capacity* (May vary depending on specific use case and/or network configuration.)
Max RADIUS messages/second 3600 per SMP node
Max DHCP messages/second 1000 per SMP node
Max SOAP messages/second 300 per SMP node
Max RADIUS messages/second with Diameter Gx interface with session-based volume reporting to PCRF 3000 per SMP node
Max active subscribers/SMP node 2 Million
Health Monitoring
Provides real-time status on demand for: Utilization: CPU, memory
RADUIS/DHCP message updates per second
Number of registered subscribers
Number of active IP sessions
Subscriber status (service plan, quota balance, active/inactive)
3GPP Diameter Sd, Gx and Gy, and File-based Gz
Management SNMP, CLI
Mechanical and Environmental
Pattern Creation Time (typical) Standard 1U in 19" rack Standard 4U in 19" rack
Allot Device/Platform Compatibility AC AC
* Capacity values are based on Allot SMP performance with Allot Service Gateway Sigma/Sigma E, version AOS13.1 and above; and on Allot SMP 3rd-generation hardware.


Pricing Subject to change without notice for reasons including, but not limited to, product discontinuation, product unavailability, manufacturer price changes and advertised price errors.
Allot Products
Subscriber Management Platform
Standard Subscriber Management Platform Server
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