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Allot Fixed Service Providers

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Home and business customers demand more bandwidth

Fixed broadband networks face an ongoing demand for more bandwidth from both home and business customers. This is complicated by the rise of multiple, powerful computing devices and increased use of data-intensive services such as Over-The-Top (OTT) video, online gaming and IPTV. Carrying ever-growing volumes of OTT Internet services, operators are being held accountable by customers for the Quality of Experience (QoE).

Operators must differentiate their offering

The sheer volume of traffic is motivating fixed carriers to expand traffic management measures, explore revenue-sharing models with OTT content providers and make agreements with specialized Content Delivery Networks (CDN). As worldwide prices for DSL and cable services stagnate and competition from mobile broadband services increases, the shift to fixed-mobile convergence and everywhere-access is inevitable. Operators must be able to differentiate their offering to attract subscribers, manage service policies and Quality of Service (QoS), and charge across the converged infrastructure.