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Allot Traffic Management
Control Network Congestion and Application Performance

Traffic Management


Data networks are not only carrying constantly growing volumes of Internet traffic and cloud services. They are also carrying different kinds of traffic that often strain them, making it much more complex to assure the performance of applications and services. For example, streaming video is data-intensive and user experience is highly sensitive to congestion and latency on the network. Likewise, as the Internet of Things (IoT) gains momentum, millions of new endpoints will be sending small amounts of data, whose impact on network performance is still unknown.

Making applications perform efficiently and consistently

Nobody likes to use a slow-moving application. That’s why Allot Traffic Management tools are designed to overcome today’s significant application challenges, enabling you to deliver a quality experience at all times, even when your network is at peak usage. Furthermore, Allot Traffic Management tools help you increases operational efficiency and ensure high-performance delivery of business-critical applications and services by dynamically regulating the bandwidth and Quality of Service (QoS) that your network allocates to every application and user.

With Allot Traffic Management tools you can:

  • Gain centralized visibility and control over application delivery
  • Control congestion and eliminate sluggishness and downtime
  • Assure seamless Quality of Experience (QoE) across all access networks
  • Adjust application delivery to shifting network conditions and user requirements
  • Optimize network infrastructure to ensure availability and performance of applications and services that are critical to your business


Granular traffic visibility

Allot Traffic Management is application-aware, user-aware, endpoint-aware, context-aware, cell-aware and CMTS-aware, enabling you to control QoS with fine granularity.

Intelligent traffic management

Allot Traffic Management includes a powerful policy enforcement system that gives you granular visibility and control to manage application delivery and QoS in a holistic manner across any access network. Our flexible policy editor makes it easy to define and activate the conditions and rules that govern how your network inspects, categorizes and delivers application and user traffic. This policy-based approach allows you to align application delivery with network infrastructure and business needs.

On-demand scalability

Allot Traffic Management capabilities are embedded in our high-performance platforms which provide on-demand scaling.

Fine-grained QoS control

We provide a powerful set of QoS features to help your network make real-time traffic management decisions based on application, access conditions, user profiles, connection behavior, and other protocol and traffic conditions. Using real-time expedite, drop, buffer, redirect, accelerate, and bit-rate allocation mechanisms, Allot Traffic Management enables you to improve response time and the user experience.

Optimization synergy

Seamless operation with our video optimization and media caching products complements and enhances your ability to manage traffic flows and ensure QoE. These additional capabilities include video pacing and transrating provided by Allot VideoClass; video and P2P caching provided by Allot MediaSwift E, and Web compression and acceleration.

Use Cases:

Business Application Prioritization

Business Application Prioritization

Align your monitoring and management practices with the true demands and expectations of end-users, so you can:

  • Ensure availability response-time of critical applications
  • Enhance user productivity and satisfaction
  • Align application performance with business needs

Fair Use Management

Fair Use Management

Set congestion thresholds and adjust QoS automatically to ensure that your network service is not disrupted by heavy transaction loads or excessive usage, so you can:

  • Avoid network congestion
  • Assure network uptime and performance
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and reduce churn

Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Incentivize subscribers to shift usage to off-peak hours by zero-rating the consumption of specific applications during “happy hours” of the day, so you can:

  • Reduce network congestion
  • Improve overall user experience
  • Optimize overall network utilization and flatten peaks