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Allot Customer Engagement

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Engage your customers at the right time

To drive installation and usage of mobile consumer services, you need to engage with customers at the right time and in the right way. Allot SmartEngage solutions gives you the ability to proactively engage new customers with effective welcome experiences and ongoing offers that are timed to catch customers when they are most likely to be receptive to your offer.

Increase uptake of services with SmartEngage Onboarding

Welcoming new users to your network and services is a proven way to engage successfully and to increase service uptake. SmartEngage Onboarding starts with the user’s very first browsing activity, which Allot Service Gateway accurately identifies and redirects to your customer portal.

Provide an onboarding experience tailored to the user device

Allot Right-Time Onboarding assures that your brand makes a good impression on every smartphone and tablet. Allot accurately identifies popular device platforms (iOS, Android, WindowsPhone8) and the browser activity on each (native browsers, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera). Moreover, our team of experts ensures that your engagement campaigns are always in step with new developments in mobile platform capabilities.

Identify new onboarding opportunities

After initial onboarding, Allot ClearSee Analytics helps you identify new opportunities to engage your customers, whether it’s to promote a new service or to remind them of existing services that they still aren’t using.