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Allot Monetization

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Leverage assets to generate new revenues

Ever-growing data usage and the continuous decline in average revenue per user/account is forcing service providers to constantly seek new ways to utilize their assets and generate new revenue streams. Monetization strategies typically split between internal use-cases, which focus on generating added revenue from existing customers, and external use-cases, which focus on revenue streams from new business models.

Engage your customers to maximize lifetime value

Our technologies and know-how help you maximize customer lifetime value by tailoring service offerings to business and residential customers. In today’s digital lifestyle, such personalized engagement offers the potential of new revenue streams and increases customer satisfaction.

Power new revenues through visibility and engagement

Our technologies provide customer visibility, enable customer engagement, enhance the user experience and enable the delivery of new value-added service offerings. Application-Centric Plans: Personalize your service offerings by providing plans that cater to your customer’s digital lifestyle, such as free (zero-rated) applications, content bundling and premium services. Real-Time Charging: Expand your monetization opportunities with policy enforcement and online charging that are application-aware and context-aware, enabling rapid deployment of innovative services that are right for your market. Allot Policy & Charging solutions operate seamlessly in any network and we partner with leading vendors to help you monetize data traffic. Customer Engagement: Proactively engage your customers with effective welcome experiences and ongoing contextual offers that are timed and tailored to catch users when they are most likely to be receptive to your offer. Value-Added Services: Generate new revenue streams from opt-in network services such as parental control, anti-malware, anti-virus, premium video delivery, and others. Enterprise Cloud Services: Take cloud services offered to enterprises to the next level by optimizing, virtualizing and protecting access to your cloud services. Self-management, Quality of Service (QoS) for business-critical applications, asset protection and application visibility provide added value and enable customization of offerings.